Kennedy’s disease

Kennedy’s disease is rare, it effects men as this is typically pasted now by their mom’s. The mother has symptoms but is a carrier. It is very complex as how it effects every male differently but remains the same disease. They say it is slow progressing and you can live a long time with the disease. As it can change the attitudes and the life styles of those effected  . To Learn more about Kennedy’s disease Please visit:


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  1. Hi, I am a KD sufferer and my daughter is a carrier. Most researchers, specialists say that the carriers do not suffer but as I research and with my daughters experience this is not the case. She and female cousins who are also carriers are quite obviously suffering from issues such as cramping, muscle weakness, vasiculations, loss of stamina and more. These symptoms are no way as severe as the males suffering from Kennedy’s but enough to concern the girls. I and my daughter are trying to spread these views to the medical community but are responded with “oh occasionally the females suffer mild symptoms”. We believe that the suffering is beyond “occasionally” and if you are of a similar view we would support a combined effort to reinforce our observations. I can be contacted and live in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺. My name is Isa Norris.

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